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About Spinal Simplicity

Welcome to Spinal Simplicity, LLC. We are a company dedicated to the creation of innovative simple solutions for complex spinal problems. With a focus on quality, our products are designed to further enhance patient care while providing physicians with a greater array of minimally invasive devices.

Mission Statement

Mission: Spinal Simplicity’s mission is to provide safe, minimally invasive solutions to treat complex spinal and orthopedic disorders.

    The Company is concentrated on three distinct product platforms
  • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion
  • Cervical Fusion
  • Extremities

We feel the innovative technology in each product platform will change the way surgeons treat their patients, improve patient outcomes and have reproducible results.


Spinal Simplicity, LLC was founded in 2008 by Dr. Harold Hess, a practicing neurosurgeon, and Todd Moseley, an entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in orthopedics. The company began focusing on minimally invasive Lateral Approach lumbar fusion technology. In May 2011, Spinal Simplicity received CE approval for its initial product, the Minuteman®, as well as ISO 13485 certification for its quality management system. In January 2015, FDA 510(k) clearance was granted for the Minuteman® G3 device. Spinal Simplicity was granted FDA 510(k) clearance for the HA Minuteman® G3 in August of 2015 and for the HA Minuteman® G3R in January of 2017. These are significant milestones that allow Spinal Simplicity to compete in the fast-growing, minimally invasive spine market.

Intellectual Property

Spinal Simplicity has a sophisticated intellectual property portfolio covering the unique devices and instrumentation designed by our team. The extensive pathway that protects the innovative designs created by Spinal Simplicity is forging new territory in the spinal and orthopedic markets. The company has successfully been awarded 20+ patents in the U.S. and 65+ patents outside of the U.S., with additional patent applications pending.