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As the saying goes, “she knew better, but she did it anyway.” A sky diving injury, the inevitable aging process, and repetitive physical activity all contributed to my back issues, mainly at the L4-L5. After exhausting years of physical therapy, injections, medication, chiropractor care, and a declining quality of life, I was led to in-office
surgeon evalutations.

The options presented seemed daunting: in situ fusion or spinal rods. The in situ has a lower success rate and wouldn’t correct the height or position of my spine. The rods could create a domino affect for further surgeries. A family friend suggested researching the LLIF fusion, in conjunction with the Minuteman®. The LLIF is a lateral interbody fusion, where the disc is removed and replaced with an implant containing a bone graft that sets the stage for fusion. The Minuteman® immobilizes
and stabilizes the spinal segments.

This was a win-win for me! A minimally invasive fusion done laterally that resulted in shorter surgical time, an outpatient scenario, reduce pain from surgery, minimal tissue damage, small side incision scars, and quicker recovery time to normal function.

There are no words that can express my gratitude for the LLIF and Minuteman® combination. I’m grateful that I will continue my active lifestyle with family and friends!

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