Dr. G. Baranidharan – Clinical Trial Principle Investigator (NHS – Leads U.K.)

“We have found this new and innovative Minuteman device very promising. We have had reasonable experience with inter-spinous distraction devices. This Minuteman has been very different due to its ability of forming a fusion. So far we haven’t had any device taken out for the reason of recurrent stenosis1, unlike our past experience with other devices.

Minuteman Advantages:

  • Shorter surgical procedure time
  • Minimal post-surgical pain
  • Negligible blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stays (ready to discharge in few hours)
  • Effective pain reduction (as good or better in the interim period than the gold standard decompression)
  • Effective on stenosis1"

1. Stenosis is not an indication cleared by FDA for use in the United States

Dr. Adam Lewis, M.D. Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic

"The Minuteman interspinous-interlaminar fusion device by Spinal Simplicity is a great addition to my practice. 

"The Minuteman implant provides indirect decompression with posterior stabilization through a minimally invasive approach. When performing a direct lateral interbody fusion approach, I like to deploy the Minuteman device through the same incision. In addition, I use the Minuteman device in conjunction with an expandable posterior interbody cage to provide a 360 degree fusion of the spine. Placement of the Minuteman device can be performed through either a lateral or prone position and the entire operation often takes less than 20 minutes.

"There is a large graft window with a titaninum cage that provides an excellent fusion scaffold. The muscle sparing approach eliminates dead space where a hematoma or infection can develop. This is a significant benefit in high risk patients and an ideal option for patients in the outpatient or ambulatory surgery setting."