MMG3_HA_backup.jpgThe HA MinutemanG3 is a minimally invasive, interlaminar fusion device is identical to the MinutemanG3 with the addition of HA coating added and is intended for the temporary fixation of the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine. The addition of the Hydroxyapatite coating is applied to the bone and graft contacting surfaces of the fusion site. It is designed for attachment to the posterior non-cervical spine at the spinous processes through its bilateral locking plates, and it is intended for use with bone graft material placed within the device. The HA MinutemanG3 provides immobilization and stabilization of the spinal segments while used as an adjunct to interbody fusion. The core threaded post allows for optimal MIS Lateral placement and a wide range of sizes allows for enhanced anatomical fit. The HA MinutemanG3 is delivered sterile and individually packed.
*See instructions for full prescribing information.