The patent-pending G2-Inserter redefines the meaning of an all-in-one surgical instrument, providing 5 key functions during the Lateral MIS approach.  This allows for quick and accurate placement of the MinutemanG3 and MinutemanG3-R devices.

Designed for minimally invasive lateral spine surgery, the G2-Inserter eliminates the need for the big, bulky instruments often associated with “open” spinous process fixation systems. For sterilization purposes and hospital compliance, the G2-Inserter can be disassembled into 5 components and easily reassembled for the next procedure.

The G2-Inserter… battling spinal conditions since 2012.


  • All-in-one instrument performs 5 key functions, streamlining the Lateral MIS surgical technique.
  • Plate reference line (highlighted in orange) identifies the extension plate orientation while in the patient’s body to allow for proper plate deployment. g2insert
  • Safety stop prevents the extension plate from deploying prematurely.
  • Disassembles into 5 parts for sterilization and cleaning purposes.
  • Position indicator informs the surgeon when the G2-Inserter is in the unlocked, locked, and deployed positions.