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Spinal Simplicity is driven to provide safe and effective alternatives to complex spinal surgery.  Click here to view more information about the Minuteman® and ailments it treats.


We aim to provide surgeons with products that maximize time efficiency and create positive patient outcomes. Click here to learn more about the Minuteman®, our commitment to surgeon education and how to get started treating your patients, with simplicity.


Our business model focuses heavily on healthy business relations. We desire strong relationships with our distributors, for a win-win outcome. Click here to learn more about the Minuteman® and how to get involved with Spinal Simplicity.

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Welcome to Spinal Simplicity

Life in Motion

Spinal Simplicity, LLCTM is dedicated to the creation of innovative simple solutions for
complex spinal problems. We seek to enhance patient care through an array of minimally
invasive products, and are leaders in designing percutaneously inserted interspinous
inter-laminar fusion devices.

The Minuteman® interspinous inter-laminar fusion device meets the regulatory requirements to sell in the European Union*.

Our business model focuses heavily on healthy distributor relations, quality physician
education and patient safety and satisfaction.

*Devices are not cleared by the FDA for sale in the United States.